Introduction to MobileConnect – Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Mobile Studio is one of the 5 channels of Marketing Cloud along with Email Studio, Web Studio, Social Studio and Analytics Studio. Mobile Studio enables marketers to engage/connect with mobile users via SMSs, push messages on mobile apps and via Line to broadcast to a larger audience.

Firefox security restricts Pardot forms

I was never a fan of Mozilla Firefox for web browsing. But its new features like Pocket made me start considering Firefox for some activities. Regular updates on its look and feel to make UX better also helped. I was just entering the zone where I compare Chrome and Firefox. And then one day, I […]

Cloud cuckoo land

There was a time when flying was not possible for Humans. Anyone trying to visualise something big was called ‘to be in the clouds’, this might be the origin of the idiom. YOU ARE THINKING ABOVE YOUR LIMITS. This was the first thing they heard. Now that aeroplanes and other aeronautic things can make us fly, it […]

Email Marketing-Best Practices

Device Friendly Designs We have got 3-7 seconds to impress enough the recipient to make him read the whole email. If we fail to do so, the reader will end up ignoring the email or worse, deleting the email. The design/look of the email creates the first impression to the reader, hence we better make […]