Its good to know that we are still friends

How many friends do you have? How many of them have you as a friend? How many friends are really friends? And how many real friends are you going to keep in your life?

Do you have the answers? No, I don’t think so. This is because none of us have ever thought that we all are selfish beings. As said by Mr Joey Tribbiani from Friends, ‘Good deeds do not exists. There is no such thing.’ We keep friends for our own sake, own purpose and own plan. Friends are not friends because they are important part of the life but because they are useful part of our life.

It’s Life

Every phase in life needs companionship and for that we lean towards the easiest relation at our disposal – friends. As soon as the phase is over, we tend to move on and make new friends. Friends from the previous phase are obsolete now, they are not required anymore so we can simply forget about them.

How do we define a phase? A phase is a period of time where my interests are different than the interest I had previously. For example, I am new to a city then I will need friends to get comfortable and accept the city as home. At this time, anyone who can help with my interests is a friend. As soon as I am comfortable in the city, I might need to change the company I have to achieve new goals, like reaching new heights in career. New goals – new friends.

I am not complaining here or judging about the way we live or we choose our friends but telling you people with great love and respect that please stick to the relations you have.

Stick to the friends, family, colleagues you have. Help them to achieve the goal of their phases and live to the fullest. You will never know which relation turns out to be a life-long relation. It can be a friends from office, a friend from your past or maybe an arch-rival – it can be anyone and you will not want to ruin your chance to get real friend.

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