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Marketing Cloud Dashboard

Marketing Cloud dashboard is generally the first page you see when you login in Marketing Cloud. Although, this can be changed via Default Login Preference page.

You can see here about how to access and update Default Login Preference.

This page provides you a quick overview of recent user activities and current and planned marketing content. This page has following content:

  • Toolbar
  • App Switcher
  • Journey Templates
  • Calendar
  • Recent Activities
  • Salesforce Help

Toolbar is at top of the page that contains a horizontal menu with Calendar, Campaigns and Playbooks.
Calendar takes you to the Marketing Cloud calendar where you can see published and planned emails and other communications.
Campaigns takes you to the list of campaigns in your account. Each campaign has details for the published and planned activities.
Playbooks is a pre-configured email sequences setup where a non-technical, that is someone like a Marketer, Sales person can add and implement basic Journeys. Basic Journey will include Welcome series, Birthday series etc.

App Switcher is the main navigation bar where you can see all the Studios and Builders Horizontally with their icons. You can chose between showing My Apps and All Apps from the radio button at the right-most of the section. All Apps include:
– Email Studio
– Mobile Studio
– Advertising Stuido
– Web Studio
– Social Studio
– Interaction Studio
– Data Studio
– Analytics Studio
– Journey Builder
– Audience Builder
– Content Builder
– Personalisation Builder

Journey Templates section shows a list of 6-7 Journeys (by default) and you can add more by creating more Journey Templates to that.

Calendar row shows you a preview of what happened and what is planned for the current week. There is an expand icon at the top-right of the section that takes you to the detailed Calendar page.

Recent activities are listed for reference in the last section where you can see if any recent activities in Marketing Cloud.
– Recently Sent Emails
– Recently Edited Content Builder Emails
– Recently Run Automations
– Recently Edited Journeys

Salesforce also provides a couple of sections for help and reference where you can connect to other developers through communities, read Marketing Cloud blogs and create support tickets.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Technologies

Security Features in Marketing Cloud


Marketing Cloud provides a 3-layered security to the instance:
– General Security Settings
– Access control through Business Units
– Access control through User roles and permissions

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Technologies

General Security Controls

General Security Settings
Marketing Cloud Security settings are applied to the complete cloud (all users and all BUs). These are the settings which prevents invalid accesses. For example, restricting login to locations, IPs.

Session Settings:

  • Session Timeout
  • Require Secure Connections (https)
  • Enable Clickjacking Protection
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Journey builder and MobileConnect


Sending Mobile messages through a Journey in Marketing Cloud is not as straight as sending emails. For mobile messages, Marketing cloud needs few things:
– Mobile Number in correct format
– Locale for each contact

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Technologies

Introduction to MobileConnect – Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Mobile Studio is one of the 5 channels of Marketing Cloud along with Email Studio, Web Studio, Social Studio and Analytics Studio. Mobile Studio (MobileConnect and MobilePush) enables marketers to engage/connect with mobile users via SMSs, push messages on mobile apps and via Line to broadcast to a larger audience.

Unlike Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing
– has a limit to characters in the content,
– can have no images sent directly