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Sending Mobile messages through a Journey in Marketing Cloud is not as straight as sending emails. For mobile messages, Marketing cloud needs few things:
– Mobile Number in correct format
– Locale for each contact

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Firefox security restricts Pardot forms

I was never a fan of Mozilla Firefox for web browsing. But its new features like Pocket made me start considering Firefox for some activities. Regular updates on its look and feel to make UX better also helped. I was just entering the zone where I compare Chrome and Firefox. And then one day, I had to suddenly drop Firefox from the list.

Firefox blocks important things

I was working on a Pardot implementation for a client when I found out about a Security update in Firefox. As per the new security updates, all third party things on the website will be blocked even if they are SSL certified. Third party components can be external scripts, iframes, SDKs etc.. Now this Security thing, for sure, makes Browsing secure and keeps you safe but as a web-developer and digital marketing expert I will say that is not at all a good thing.
As per Firefox, if you are creating a web page, you should use all the assets that are hosted on the same server/domain. This can make your website heavy and prone to issues due to heavy input-output transactions on all the scripts. Anything that is referring to an external asset will be blocked whether it is:

  • an advertisement image,
  • Facebook plugin to display the comments,
  • an iframe to display content from another website,
  • Google Analytics tracking script, or
  • a lead capturing form.

Yes, also a Lead Capturing form present in an iframe or one that sends data to an external site. Pardot forms are implemented on websites in iframes, which in the case of Firefox will not be working.

Impact and Solution

Let’s take a different view, according to analysis Browser market share, ~13% of web traffic comes from Firefox. In other words, 13% of potential customers will not even see a form on your website. The idea of this loss of potential customers and tracking data forces you to think of the workarounds to minimize the impact.
There are a couple of solutions to this:

  1. Replace the original content with other content. This will make sure that the user does not see any weird behavior on the webpage.
  2. Show the user a popup to saying ‘For the best experience, turn off Tracking security in your browser”.

we will discuss more on these solutions in my next blog. Stay tunes.
— SG
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A day with Salesforce GIANTS

Hi there! I am Saransh Garg, a full-time Marketing Automation Consultant and part-time Web developer. In 2 years of career I have worked extensively on Oracle Eloqua and Pardot and currently I have my focus is on Hubspot and Exacttarget. Working with these platforms also led me to learn basics in Salesforce as well, but nothing before the Developer User Group Meet held last Sunday made me feel that I should also go for it and take a few more steps with the cloud.

There were Big guys from Salesforce community:

Atul Gupta (master-mind behind the meet);
Kiran (SFDC advocate);
Amit Malik (Delivery Manager, Salesforce);
Zachary Jeans (No. 1 salesforce influencer individual);
Steve Mo (The God from Answers community);
Mayank Srivastava (enthusiast, 11X Certified) and
Stephanie Herrera (Founder, Salesforce Saturday)
All of them are awesome, I was amazed to get so much in a day, it was definitely much more than what I thought it would be.

Started by Zach, every one there shared their journey with Salesforce. Amit took us to the tour to the certification guide. Steve told us how he became the person with most helpful answers in Salesforce community, everyone in community owes him a beer :D. Stephanie introduced us with the concept of SaleforceSaturday and with her group in Austin. Mayank shared his journey from QA Lead to  Salesforce Senior consultant, it was really motivating. Seeing all of them, listening their stories, I think we all are same its just few of us take the first step to growth and few of them keep moving on it.

The meet was not specific to Salesforce developers/users but it was for all those who are working in IT industry and seeks growth, respect and recognition in their respective domain. Few things that I can recall are:

  1. Be an active member of discussion groups or forums
  2. Try to answer more and more questions with solutions
  3. Keep exploring new features arriving with each release/upgrade
  4. Learn and get certified

To sum up, I would say it was a educational and motivating session from SF Giants.
Thanks Atul, Vinod, Viyom, Sunny and Kiran for planning such a great meet. I am definitely going to work on my Fundamentals 🙂 🙂


Why me, Why not he/she

There is always a time in our lives when we do have this question. Whether its for a friend, colleague, family or anyone but its always there.
Yes believe me its always there, but we don’t realize it sometimes. We need more proofs to understand things like that.
Something like this happened with me recently, it was one of my friend’s birthday 🎂 .
I have a friend from my college, indeed a very good friend. We had no contact since graduation. It’s been more than an year but none of us did that. May be because we were busy in our lives or may be we had some goals and priorities to work on. But deep inside because I had this feeling why me, why not him. Why i have to call or message why not he do it first. Few days back, it was one of our mutual friend’s who asked me to do that. That moment, i realised and later that day I called him. Although we didn’t talk more than 10 seconds but now i am feeling little relieved, happy that i called and hopefully revived my friendship with him.
There are few people that know what they should do and fewer that do what they should do.
My Point being.. do not think ‘Why me’, think it as ‘Why not me’ and trust me you are going to see the change.

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” — Mahatma Gandhi