Cloud Computing – What is it?

Cloud Computing

Is a subscription-based service where you can obtain networked storage space and computer resources. One way to think of cloud computing is to consider your experience with email. Your email client, if it is Yahoo!, Gmail, Hotmail, and so on, takes care of housing all of the hardware and software necessary to support your personal email account. When you want to access your email you open your web browser, go to the email client, and log in. The most important part of the equation is having internet access. Your email is not housed on your physical computer; you access it through an internet connection, and you can access it anywhere. Your email is different than software installed on your computer, such as a word processing program. When you create a document using word processing software, that document stays on the device you used to make it unless you physically move it. An email client is similar to how cloud computing works.

Except instead of accessing just your email, you can choose what information you have access to within the cloud.

The technology is the use of computing resources (hardware and software) that are delivered as a service over a network.

Origin of term:: The origin of the term cloud computing was derived from the practice of using drawings of stylized clouds to denote networks in diagrams of computing and communications systems.

Cloud computing relies on sharing of resources to achieve coherence and economies of scale similar to a utility over a network. At the foundation of cloud computing is the broader concept of converged infrastructure and shared services.

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Why me, Why not he/she

There is always a time in our lives when we do have this question. Whether its for a friend, colleague, family or anyone but its always there.
Yes believe me its always there, but we don’t realize it sometimes. We need more proofs to understand things like that.
Something like this happened with me recently, it was one of my friend’s birthday 🎂 .
I have a friend from my college, indeed a very good friend. We had no contact since graduation. It’s been more than an year but none of us did that. May be because we were busy in our lives or may be we had some goals and priorities to work on. But deep inside because I had this feeling why me, why not him. Why i have to call or message why not he do it first. Few days back, it was one of our mutual friend’s who asked me to do that. That moment, i realised and later that day I called him. Although we didn’t talk more than 10 seconds but now i am feeling little relieved, happy that i called and hopefully revived my friendship with him.
There are few people that know what they should do and fewer that do what they should do.
My Point being.. do not think ‘Why me’, think it as ‘Why not me’ and trust me you are going to see the change.

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” — Mahatma Gandhi


Because Things are Easier said than done..

Beggar-help-574844So this was just-another-day-in-office with the same this-must-go-out-today work and little intervals of very precious time that you somehow manage to steal from that hectic schedule for yourself. Whether it’s total nonsense conversation that you have on lunch table with your colleagues, which basically consist of jokes specially made on you 😛 or two gals discussing their diet or recipe of this new dish or the evening tea time with some insightful conversations. Nonetheless this isn’t what this post is about. Okay, where was I?? Yupp!! So just-another-day-in-office was over and I was in cab as usual travelling home which takes minimum 2hrs and max 4hrs (yupp four f****ing hrs is my max 😛 and trust me it can get worse). So what I’m trying to say is that I spend a whole lot of time in cab and trust me this can be a real pain in the neck( actually I do have a pain in the neck because of sleeping in most uncomfortable position in cab, m sure other cab travelers can relate to that). Well, having good cab mates makes that pain a little bearable.
So I was in cab chit chatting with my cab mates and complaining about how having the first pickup and last drop sucks, how lame the new driver is for playing those stupid songs from his I’ve-never-heard-this-song-before and I-love-Sallu collection and many other things. Just then the car stops at this red light and as I look outside the window I see this very old man, feeble and in his 70’s or 80’s, walking barefoot on concrete road with the help of a stick and he approaches our car and knocks at the window. He begged with folded hands and as I looked at this I grabbed my bag and started looking for my wallet. While I was searching frantically for my wallet, I remembered this “Big Speech” I gave to my cab mates day before that incident about why we should not pay anything to these beggars, how our paying them is giving rise to so many homeless (or kidnapped) children being mutilated­­­ for this begging business and how the only way to stop this is not to pay them. My own words were playing like a recorder in my head and then there was this man standing in front of me with folded hands, I just wanted to help him. Seeing him like that just broke me a little and at the same time made me realize that our problems are nothing as compared to what these people are dealing with. I mean I wonder what will I have in dinner today and they wonder if they will be lucky enough to arrange a dinner at all. These people have actually seen their loved ones dying in front of them because of hunger and poverty. Ohkayy!! went a little off the track. I guess you’d be wondering what I did? Did I give him the money? So, while I was wondering and searching for my wallet, my cab mate quickly took out a coin from her purse and gave it to him. I was Relieved that I didn’t give him the money and yet happy that he got it. Yeahh I know, that’s Bad and you know why? Because things are easier said than done. But I ask you “did I do the right thing?”
P.S : I am an amateur writer(this being my First post) and my English… 😉