Web Analytics – What? Why? How?

Website analytics The most common uncharted territory for the marketers these days. It is now among the frequently asked questions. How to create an effective Web Analytics strategy and get most of their website traffic. Recently I have encountered a request to capture web activities of prospects/customers. Then further use the information for marketing purposes… Continue reading Web Analytics – What? Why? How?

A day with Salesforce GIANTS

Hi there! I am Saransh Garg, a full-time Marketing Automation Consultant and part-time Web developer. In 2 years of career I have worked extensively on Oracle Eloqua and Pardot and currently I have my focus is on Hubspot and Exacttarget. Working with these platforms also led me to learn basics in Salesforce as well, but nothing before the… Continue reading A day with Salesforce GIANTS

Cloud Computing – What is it?

Cloud Computing Is a subscription-based service where you can obtain networked storage space and computer resources. One way to think of cloud computing is to consider your experience with email. Your email client, if it is Yahoo!, Gmail, Hotmail, and so on, takes care of housing all of the hardware and software necessary to support your personal email account.… Continue reading Cloud Computing – What is it?

Why me, Why not he/she

There is always a time in our lives when we do have this question. Whether its for a friend, colleague, family or anyone but its always there. Yes believe me its always there, but we don’t realize it sometimes. We need more proofs to understand things like that. Something like this happened with me recently,… Continue reading Why me, Why not he/she

आजादी के मायने

आज़ादी …जी हा आज़ादी कुछ भी करने की…. आज़ादी कुछ भी बोलने की…. आज़ादी कभी भी कही पे जाने की…. आज़ादी किसी भी मजहब को अपनाने की… आज़ादी किसी से प्रेम करने की… क्या है आज़ादी के मायने??सोचिये.. अभिव्यक्ति की आज़ादी, मतलब बोलने की आज़ादी, किसी भी सामाजिक विषय जो हमें प्रभावित करता है उस… Continue reading आजादी के मायने

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असहाय मैं और छोटू

कुछ लिखने के लिए कुछ देखना जरुरी है देखने से ज्यादा उसे समझना और महसूस करना जरुरी है और उससे भी ज्यादा उस अहसास से कुछ सीखना जरुरी है। सीखकर अपने जीवन में उसे लागू करना भी जरुरी है ।अक्सर हम देखते तो है समझते भी है और समझदारी के अहसास से सीखते भी है… Continue reading असहाय मैं और छोटू

Because Things are Easier said than done..

So this was just-another-day-in-office with the same this-must-go-out-today work and little intervals of very precious time that you somehow manage to steal from that hectic schedule for yourself. Whether it’s total nonsense conversation that you have on lunch table with your colleagues, which basically consist of jokes specially made on you 😛 or two gals… Continue reading Because Things are Easier said than done..